Highlights from the landing page

An Algorithmic View of Smart Living: The Next Frontier  –24/11/2019 

CSA Golden Jubilee Frontier Lecture by Dr. C Mohan  –13/11/2019

High Throughput Computing in the Service of Scientific Discovery  –14/10/2019

ECE Team wins ICASSP Best Student Paper Award –20/09/2019

ECE Team wins ISIT Jack Keil Wolf Student Paper Award –20/09/2019

Uday Kumar Reddy, CSA, wins PLDI Most Influential Paper Award –20/09/2019

Shuffling Chromosomes, Chasing Kangaroos and Other Mathematical Curiosities  –16/08/2019

The Multi-armed Bandit Problem Revisited –07/08/2019

IISc goes Live with SAP S/4 HANA System –11/06/2019

Young Researchers Meeting For Faculty Positions at IISc Bangalore  –23/01/2019

WIRIN (Wipro IISc Research Innovation Network) Launched –20/09/2018

— 20/09/2018







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