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Yelleshpur Narayana Srikant



Prof. Srikant received his B.E in Electronics from Bangalore University, and M.E and Ph.D in Computer Science from the CSA department of IISc. He was awarded the  Young Scientist medal of the Indian National Science Academy in 1988. He is interested in the general area of design and implementation of programming languages. We are currently writing a book on “Distributed Graph Analytics”, which will be published by Springer in the year 2020. Applying machine learning to the compilation problem is a topic among his current research interests. He is currently a professor in the CSA department of IISc.

Research Overview

Srikant’s research interests are in hte area of Timing analysis of programs using static analysis, domain-specific languages, compilation for multi-core architectures, profiling, speculative execution, parallel programming languages, static analysis for security, and compiling for clouds.

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