Program Schedule of the Fourth Electrical Sciences Divisional Symposium, January 31 - February 1, 2013

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Time January 31, 2013 (Thursday) February 1, 2013 (Friday)
08.30 - 08.50 Registration
08.50 - 09.00 Opening Remarks from the Divisional Chairman
09.00 - 09.30 Faculty Talk (CSA)
Speaker: Murali Krishna Ramanathan
Title: Scalable program analysis techniques for software bug detection
Faculty Talk (DESE)
Speaker: Santanu Mahapatra
Title: Updates on indDG compact model
Networks and Graphs
Session Chair: Sunil Chandran
Electron Devices and MEMS - I
Session Chair: L. Umanand
09.40 - 11.00 Pradeesha Ashok: Epsilon nets and hitting sets for geometric objects
Deepak Rajendraprasad: Rainbow colouring of graphs
Abhijeet Khopkar: Geometric proximity graphs
Mustafa Khandwawala: Belief propagation for optimal edge-cover in the random complete graph
Ramkrishna Ghosh: Atomically thin tunnel field effect transistor
Revathy Padmanabhan: High-k dielectrics for MIM capacitors
Sindhuja Sridharan: Low temperature hetero-junction photovoltaic devices
Rekha Verma: Analysis of electro-thermal effects in CNT/Graphene interconnects
11.00 - 11.30 Tea Break
**Game Theory and Image Analysis
Session Chair: Venu Madhav Govindu **
Electron Devices and MEMS - II
Session Chair: Manoj Varma
11.30 - 12.50 Swaprava Nath: Strategy-proof crowdsourcing over networks
Nithin Shivashankar: Morse-Smale complexes: computations and applications
Ravi Prasad Jagannath: Novel computational techniques for image reconstruction in diffuse optical tomography
Deepak Kumar: Segmenting image for text (SIFT) algorithms
Thejas: Displacement sensing mechanisms for MEMS devices
Nityanand Kumawat: Differential reflectance modulation sensing with diffractive microstructures
Rajath Vasudevamurthy: A time-based all-digital technique for analog built-in-self-test
Sudhanshu Shekhar: Theoretical and experimental investigations on the switching dynamics and reliability improvement of an RF MEMS switch
12.50 - 14.00 Lunch
14.00 - 14.30 Faculty Talk (ECE)
Speaker: Dipanjan Gope
Title: High frequency system modeling aided by the cloud
Faculty Talk (EE)
Speaker: Manojit Pramanik
Title: Listening to light: photoacoustic imaging and its future
Signal Processing and Power Systems
Session Chair: A. G. Ramakrishnan
**Wireless Communication
Session Chair: P. Vijay Kumar **
14.40 - 16.00 Shiva Kumar H. R.: Robust symbol segmentation in degraded Indic printed documents
J V Satyanarayana: OASIS: Optimal avionics systems based on intelligent sampling
Lalit Patnaik: Energy efficient legged vehicle - modeling, implementation and control
Rex Joseph: Variable speed micro-hydel power generation
Naveen K. P.: Relay selection for geographical forwarding in sleep-wake cycling wireless sensor networks
A. Karthik: Fast scalable selection algorithms for OFDMA and cooperative wireless networks
Bharath Bettagere: Channel dependent reverse channel training in TDD-MIMO systems
M. Ashok Kumar: A family of transitive statistical inference rules
16.00 - 16.30 Tea Break
Networks and Coding
Session Chair: Neelesh B. Mehta
16.30 - 17.30 Prakash Narayana Moorthy: Codes with locality and local regeneration for distributed data storage
Lalitha Vadlamani: Linear coding schemes for the distributed computation of subspaces
Mohan Raghavan: First spike latency codes in neuronal networks, their applications and relation to network structure
Panel Discussion
** The role of theory in engineering research**
Panelists: Neeldhara Misra, Achintya Kundu, Gaurab Banerjee, Navin Kashyap
Moderator: Sreepathi Pai
17.30 - 18.00 Faculty Talk (SERC)
Speaker: Phaneendra Yalavarthy
Title: Recent computational advances in diffuse optical tomographic image reconstruction
Closing and Vote of Thanks