EECS Research Students' Symposium

July 12, 2020. Sunday

Session 1

Introduction and Faculty Talks
Session Chair: Prof. Yogesh Simmhan, CDS Join Session 1 Live

8:55 to 9:00 Varun Raghunathan (Symposium Coordinator) - Welcome and Symposium Overview

9:00 to 9:20

Vaibhav Katewa, RBCCPS/ECE – Accuracy Prevents Robustness in Perception-Based Control

9:20 to 9:40

Arindam Khan, CSA - Guillotine cuts: from puzzles to algorithms

9:40 to 10:00

Rahul Saladi, CSA - Social Distancing and Hotspot Detection: A Computational Geometry Perspective

10:00 to 10:05

Prof. Nader Azarmi, Head, Global Research & Innovation Programme, BT - British Telecom India Research Cente (BTIRC) at IISc (Recorded video)

10:05 to 10:10

Prof. Rajesh Sundaresan, ECE IISc - Center for Networked Intelligence Initiative

Session 2

Talks by PhD and MTech (Research) students

10:30 to 13:00

Track-1 Emerging Nanoelectronic Devices
Session Chairs:
Dr. Anookol Rajoria, Cadence
Dr. Varun Raghunathan, ECE, IISc
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[1] Nagothu Karmel Kranthi, ESE (Advisor: Mayank Srivastava) - ESD behaviour of Advanced High Voltage & Beyond CMOS Technologies

[2] Ankit Soni, ESE (Advisor: Mayank Srivastava) -Design of GaN based High Electron Mobility Transistor (HEMT) & Diodes for Power and RF Applications

[3] Rajat Sinha, CeNSE (Advisor: Mayank Srivastava and Sanjiv Sambandan) -Nano-second timescale high-field behavior in amorphous silicon thin film transistors

[4] Biswapriyo Das, ESE (Advisor: Santanu Mahapatra) -Atom to Circuit Modeling Methodology for 2D Transistors

[5] Ansh, ESE (Advisor: Mayank Srivastava) - Fundamental Explorations on 2D Semiconductors for Low-Power Logic Applications

[6] Hemanjaneyulu Kuruva, ESE (Advisor: Mayank Srivastava) -MoS2 Doping using Potassium Iodide for Reliable Contacts and Efficient FET Operation

[7] Garima Gupta, ECE (Advisor: Kausik Majumdar) - Excitons in two-dimensional semiconductors

[8] Medha Dandu, ECE (Advisor: Kausik Majumdar) - Unravelling the energy transfer in 2D heterostructures for enhanced optical properties

[9] Krishna M, ECE  (Advisor: Kausik Majumdar) - Photodetectors with 2D Materials

Track-2 RF technology and wireless communication
Session Chairs:
Dr. Debdeep Sarkar, IIT Ropar
Dr. Vaibhav Katewa, ECE/ RBCCPS, IISc
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[1] Priya Suresh, ECE (Advisor: K.J. Vinoy) - Design on wideband tapered slot antennas and arrays

[2] Ashok Bansiwal, ECE (Advisor: K.J. Vinoy) - Equivalent Circuit Analyses and Methods to Enhance the Bandwidth of Klystron Reentrant Cavities

[3] Ajay Kochar, ECE (Advisor: K.J. Vinoy) - Mitigation of Highest Sidelobe Level degradation due to Quantized Phases in mmWave 5G Arrays

[4] Sayan Sen Gupta, ECE (Advisor: Neelesh B. Mehta) - Energy-Efficient Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks

[5] Haritha K, ESE (Advisor: Chandramani Singh) - Scheduling Algorithms For Wireless Networks

[6] Sai Subramanyam Thoota, ECE (Advisor: Chandra R. Murthy) - Joint Channel Estimation and Soft-Symbol Decoding in Massive MIMO Systems with Low Resolution ADCs

Track-3 Speech, Data Analytics and Machine Learning
Session Chairs:
Dr. T.V. Sreenivas, ECE, IISc
Dr. Soma Biswas, EE, IISc
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[1] Madhavaraj A, EE (Advisor:  A G Ramakrishnan) - Strategies for Handling Large Vocabulary and Data Sparsity Problems for Tamil Speech Recognition

[2] Aravind Illa, EE (Advisor: Prasanta Kumar Ghosh) - Acoustic-to-Articulatory Inversion Utilizing Multi-Speakers Acoustic-Articulatory Data

[3] Purvi Agrawal, EE (Advisor: Sriram Ganapathy) - Neural Representation Learning for Speech Signals

[4] Abinay Reddy Naini, EE (Advisor: Prasanta Kumar Ghosh) - Whispered to neutral mapping for speaker verification using whispered speech

[5] Achuth Rao M V, EE (Advisor: Prasanta Kumar Ghosh) - SFNet: A computationally efficient source filter model based neural speech synthesis

[6] Jaswanth Reddy Katthi, EE (Advisor: Sriram Ganapathy) - Introducing a Deep CCA Framework For Decoding The Auditory Brain

[7] Renuka Mannem, EE (Advisor: Prasanta Kumar Ghosh) - A deep neural network-based correction scheme for improved air-tissue boundary prediction in real-time magnetic resonance imaging video

[8] Vijaikumar M, CSA (Advisor: Shirish Shevade and M Narasimha Murty) - Graph Attention Mechanism for Top-N Recommendation Systems

[9] Vivek B.S., CDS (Advisor: R. Venkatesh Babu) - Efficient Regularization for Single-Step Adversarial Training

[10] K Ram Prabhakar, CDS (Advisor: R. Venkatesh Babu) - Learning Efficient Models for High Dynamic Range Imaging

Track-4 Signal Processing, Communication Networks & Information Theory
Session Chairs:
Dr. Sundeep Chepuri, ECE, IISc
Dr. Chandramani Singh, ESE, IISc
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[1] Dheeraj Prasanna, ECE (Advisor: Chandra R. Murthy) - Channel Estimation for mmWave Communications: Role of sparsity and intra-vector correlation

[2] Lekshmi Ramesh, ECE (Advisor: Chandra R. Murthy, Himanshu Tyagi) - Joint Structure Recovery in High Dimensional Data Using Linear Sketches

[3] Devyani Gupta, ESE (Advisor: Joy Kuri) - Function Placement and Traffic Steering using Column Generation in NFV Environment

[4] Sarath A Y, ECE (Advisor: Rajesh Sundaresan) - Large Time Behaviour of Finite State Mean-Field Interacting Particle Systems

[5] Karthik P. N., ECE (Advisor: Rajesh Sundaresan) - Odd Arm Identification in Multi-armed Bandits with Markov Observations

[6] Priya J. Nadkarni, ESE (Advisor: Shayan Srinivasa Garani) - Entanglement-assisted and unassisted algebraic quantum error correcting codes

[7] Arijit Mondal, ESE (Advisor: Shayan Srinivasa Garani) - Efficient Hardware Architectures for Error Correcting Codes Applicable to Data Storage

Track-5 Computer Science & Systems
Session Chairs:
Dr. Chaya Ganesh, CSA, IISc
Dr. Arkaprava Basu, CSA IISc
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[1] Divya Ravi, CSA (Advisor: Arpita Patra) - On the Round Complexity Landscape of Secure Multi-party Computation

[2] Ajith S, CSA (Advisor: Arpita Patra) - MPC Meets ML: Efficient Privacy Preserving Machine Learning Techniques

[3] Kripa Shanker, CSA (Advisor: Vinod Ganapathy) - An Evaluation of Methods to Port Legacy Code to SGX Enclaves

[4] Ajay Nayak, CSA (Advisor: Vinod Ganapathy) - Constructing TLB-based Covert Channel on GPUs

[5] Yash Khanna, CSA (Advisor: Anand Louis) - Planted Models for the Densest k-Subgraph Problem

[6] Swati Allabadi, CSA (Advisor: Arindam Khan, Anand Louis) - Fair Clustering

[7] Geetam Chawla, CSA (Advisor: K. V. Raghavan) - Verification of Database Driven Applications

[8] Janaky Murthy, CSA (Advisor: Chandan Saha) - Equivalence test for the trace iterated matrix multiplication polynomial

[9] Annervaz K.M, CSA (Advisor: Ambedkar Dukkipati) - External Knowledge Infusion to Statistical Learning Models

Track-6 Cyber-Physical Systems & Internet-of-Things
Session Chairs:
Dr. Raghu Krishnapuram, RBCCPS, IISc
Dr. Shishir Kolathaya, RBCCPS/ CSA, IISc
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[1] Sagar G V., ECE (Advisor: Bharadwaj Amrutur) - Teaching Robots Novel Objects by Pointing at Them

[2] Kurian Polachan, ESE (Advisor: T V Prabhakar, Chandramani Singh) - Design Methodology and Characterization of Tactile-Internet based Cyber-Physical Systems

[3] Kaumudi Singh, ESE (Advisor: T V Prabhakar, Joy Kuri) - Energy Efficient Schemes for Networked Embedded Systems

[4] Aditya Shankar Kar, EE (Advisor: Gurunath Gurrala) - Tuning of Multi-Band Power System Stabilizers in Multi-Machine Power Systems

[5] Nihesh Rathod, ECE (Advisor: Rajesh Sundaresan, Bharadwaj Amrutur) - Relay Placement Algorithms for Communication in a Heterogeneous Propagation Environment

[6] Aakash Khochare, CDS (Advisor: Yogesh Simmhan) - Scaling Up Video Analytics for Smart Cities

[7] Burra Lakshmi Ramya Krishna, ESE (Advisor: Chandramani Singh and Joy Kuri) - Scheduling with Waiting Costs and Deadlines

[8] Nirabhra Mandal, EE (Advisor: Pavankumar Tallapragada) - Evolution of a Population of Selfish Agents on a Network

[9] Ezudheen P, CSA (Advisor: Deepak D’Souza) - Verifying Band Convergence for Sampled Control Systems

Session 3

Faculty Talks
Session Chairs: Dr. Kausik Majumdar (ECE) and Prof. Shalabh Bhatnagar (CSA)Join Session 3 Live

14:00 to 14:20

Varun Raghunathan, ECE – Indoor visible light communication: an optical engineer’s perspective

14:20 to 14:40

Chetan Singh Thakur, ESE - Neuromorphic In-Memory Computing Framework using Memristor based SVM for Edge Devices

14:40 to 15:00

Pavankumar Tallapragada, EE - Resource aware control of cyber physical systems

Session 4

COVID-19 activities in EECS division
Session Chair: Prof. Vijay Chandru (Adjunct Professor, IISc and Strand Life Sciences) Join Session 4 Live

15:30 to 17:30

[1] Dr. Nidhin Koshy Vaidhyan
(CISCO Center for Networked Intelligence, IISc)
Unlocking the lockdown: agent-based city-scale epidemic simulator and workplace readiness tool
[2] Dr. Sriram Ganapathy/ Dr.Prasanta Ghosh
Sound acoustics and Covid-19 infection -- Connecting the two for rapid diagnostics
[3] Prof. Gaurab Banerjee
Project PRAANA: Crisis engineering of an Electro-mechanical Ventilator
[4] Dr. Aditya Gopalan/ Dr. Himanshu Tyagi
Modelling testing strategies for COVID: Insights from theory and Practice
[5] Dr. Tarun Rambha (Civil & CiSTUP, IISc)
Dr. Yogesh Simmhan (CDS, IISc)
Privacy-respecting digital contact tracing for COVID-19: Challenges and Opportunities
[6] Prof. Sashikumar Ganesan/ Dr. Deepak Subramani
Spatio-temporal predictive modelling framework for infectious disease spread
[7] Vinay Kumar/ Prof. Navin Kashyap
COVID-19 Infection Rate Estimation
[8] Prof. Chiranjib Bhattacharyya
Suppress, and not just flatten:Strategies for Rapid Suppression of COVID19 transmission in Small World Communities
17:30 to 17:35 Pavan Tallapragada, Y. Narahari - Vote of Thanks