First Indigenous Thru-Wall Radar-on-Chip

Dr. Gaurab Banerjee’s research group (ARSL) has successfully designed India’s first thru-wall radar-on-chip (TWR-on-chip). This chip is expected to address India’s growing security needs for radar-based imaging with low cost, form-factor and power consumption. Implemented in a CMOS technology, this S-Band radar has one-transmitter and three receivers along with a fully integrated fractional-N frequency synthesizer, which is capable of generating FMCW/SFCW and Pulsed CW radar waveforms.

In their ongoing testing, they have found the transmitter, receiver and synthesizer to be fully functional. Performance testing has now started.

 Radar-on-chip : Packaged chip is smaller than a one-rupee coin and chip itself is  slightly smaller than a grain of rice.

An FMCW chirp generated by the transmitter

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