Citrix fellowship for Women Students

Citrix R&D India Pvt. Limited has established five fellowships for Women M.Tech. students at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) commitment. The initiative aims to encourage Women students from economically weaker section (EWS) of the society seeking to pursue careers in the technology sector. The fellowships are awarded to students pursuing M.Tech. in the following areas: Computer Science and Engineering, Computational and Data Science, Electronics Systems Engineering, Electronics Systems Engineering, Microelectronics and VLSI Design, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Signal Processing, Quantum Technology and Smart Manufacturing.

Entitlements of the Fellowship:

  • Enhanced fellowship of Rs. 25,000 per month for 24 months.
  • Travel cum contingency amount of Rs. 1,10,000 for international/national travel and other expenses to support research including buying a laptop.

Awardees for the Year 2021:

The following five have been selected for the fellowships.

Name of the Awardee           M.Tech. Program
Ms. Sneha Negi   Computer Science and Engineering
Ms. Sushumna Singh   Computational and Data Science
Ms. Durga Manasa Puli   Electronics Systems Engineering
Ms. Nunna Teja Hima Priya   Microelectronics and VLSI Design
Ms. Kakumani Sailahari   Electronics and Communication Engineering
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