Recent and Past Highlights

Deep Tech Collaborative Innovation with National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI)  –23/07/2021

CoviHawkes: An AI Tool for Covid-19  –07/07/2021

Designing the IZ4 Family of Spreading Codes for the NavIC L1 Signal  –25/06/2021

IISc to launch MTech in EPD – August 2021 –10/06/2021

AI-driven XraySetu for early-Covid interventions over WhatsApp  –06/06/2021

Dr. Vaibhav Katewa wins 2021 O. Hugo Schuck Best Paper Award  –15/06/2021

Sumanth Prabhu and Deepak D’Souza win Distinguished Paper award at PLDI 2021  –26/05/2021

Podcasts on Covid19 Research in EECS@IISc  –06/05/2021

Post Graduate Level Advanced Certification Program Deep Learning  –06/05/2021

EECS Division Hosts British Telecom India Research Centre  –06/05/2021

EECS Division – Technical Anchor for Karnataka State Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security  –06/05/2021

Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Program in Brain and Artificial Intelligence  –06/05/2021

IISc Launches M.Tech. [Online] Degree Programmes for Sponsored Candidates  –06/05/2021

EECS Research Students Symposium 2021  –30/04/2021

Alumnus Prof. Sethuraman Panchanathan Appointed Director, NSF  –23/06/2020

An Algorithmic View of Smart Living: The Next Frontier  –24/11/2019 

IISc is the Birthplace of Wipro’s Computer Business –15/11/2019

Centre for Networked Intelligence, IISc (A Cisco Initiative)  –15/11/2019

M.Tech. (Artificial Intelligence) Programme by EECS@IISc –13/11/2019

CSA Golden Jubilee Frontier Lecture by Dr. C Mohan  –13/11/2019

High Throughput Computing in the Service of Scientific Discovery  –14/10/2019

ECE Team wins ICASSP Best Student Paper Award –20/09/2019

ECE Team wins ISIT Jack Keil Wolf Student Paper Award –20/09/2019

Uday Kumar Reddy, CSA, wins PLDI Most Influential Paper Award –20/09/2019

C.V. Raman Postdoc Positions in EECS@IISc  –21/08/2019

Shuffling Chromosomes, Chasing Kangaroos and Other Mathematical Curiosities  –16/08/2019

The Multi-armed Bandit Problem Revisited –07/08/2019

IISc goes Live with SAP S/4 HANA System –11/06/2019

Faculty positions in EECS@IISc  –15/05/2019

Young Researchers Meeting For Faculty Positions at IISc Bangalore  –23/01/2019

WIRIN (Wipro IISc Research Innovation Network) Launched –20/09/2018

EECs Research Students Symposia





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