EECS Division – Technical Anchor for Karnataka State’s Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security

K-Tech CoE for Cyber Security

Promoting the cyber-safe and conducive environment for the industry collaboration, address the skill gaps, build awareness and facilitate innovation in this emerging technology field of Cyber Security.

The Government of Karnataka established  the  “Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security (CoE-CS)” in 2018 keeping in mind the importance of cyber security and emerging technologies and to create necessary technical resources, undertake skill development and create capacity, to promote cyber security start-up ecosystem,  and for creating a cyber safe environment in the State, in collaboration with Industry and Academia. The Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore, is the technical anchor for the CoE-CS and the Karnataka State Council for Science and Technology (KSCST) is the implementation agency for the CoE-CS.  The following committee comprising faculty members from the EECS Division provides technical anchorship for the CoE:

  1. Y. Narahari (CSA)
  2. Vinod Ganapathy (CSA)
  3. P. Vijay Kumar (ECE)
  4. Navin Kashyap (ECE)
  5. Joy Kuri (ESE)
  6. Sanjit Chatterjee (CSA)

The centre has actively taken up many initiatives in cyber security, cyber security skilling, mentorship of cyber security startups, and cutting edge R&D.

For more details, please look up the website:

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