Aspiring IIScians Meet

The vision of the Division of Electrical, Electronics, and Computer Sciences (EECS) is to strive to be among the world’s foremost clusters of electrical, electronics, and computer science researchers, through pursuit of research excellence and promotion of innovation, by offering world class education to train future leaders in EECS, and by contributing to and applying science and technology breakthroughs and know-how for societal needs.

In keeping with this vision, the Division has created multiple M.Tech. programmes to cater to the research interests and career goals of students. These programmes are offered by one or more of the four departments under the Division of EECS, namely the Departments of Electrical Engineering (EE), Electrical Communication Engineering (ECE), Electronic Systems Engineering (DESE), and Computer Science and Automation (CSA). In addition, the Division offers Ph.D. programmes through its individual departments.

To help ‘aspiring IIScians’ decide on a Master’s or PhD programme that meets their career aspirations, the Division of EECS organised two online sessions of AIM2022 – Aspiring IIScians Meet – one on the 4th of March and the other on the 18th. The aim of these information sessions was to address questions such as: What exciting topics can you pursue as a Master’s or a Ph.D. student at EECS, IISc? What exciting research happens here? Can you apply? How to apply? What do you know about IISc? And Bengaluru? And the different departments/research groups here? What is it like to be a graduate student at IISc? How will it help your career?

The Dean (Division of EECS) and faculty members from the four departments spoke about the Institute, the Division, and the individual departments in the context of the goals, activities, interdisciplinary initiatives, institutional collaborations, networks with industry and research and development laboratories, various student programmes and fellowships, and deep technology start-ups that students could be a part of. They highlighted the flexibility available to students in choosing courses, awards obtained by Division students, and placement opportunities. The criteria for qualification for the M.Tech. and Ph.D. programmes, and the admission procedure were also explained.

Following the faculty presentations, were extensive question–answer sessions, in which the Dean and faculty members addressed questions such as: What are the criteria for Ph.D. at IISc for executive M.Tech.s? When is GATE score mandatory? What is the syllabus for written tests? How many courses are typically required to be done for part-time Ph.D. candidates? Can we apply for accommodation at IISc during interviews? Will the Ph.D. interview be subject- or research-related?

To watch the recordings of the AIM2022 events on 4th and 18th March, please visit and




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