EECS Division Hosts British Telecom India Research Centre

British Telecom India Research Centre (BTIRC) was launched in 2019 to foster collaboration between British Telecom and Indian Institute of Science. The BTIRC joins BT’s network of collaborative research facilities around the globe, including centres in Northern Ireland, China, the US and the UAE, an official statement said.This global innovation network is centred on the BT Labs at Adastral Park, Suffolk, the UK, one of the world’s leading centres for telecommunications research, it said.

The BTIRC will operate multiple research tracks, focused primarily on artificial intelligence, mobility and software engineering technologies for use in BT’s strategic programmes, products and services, while its future areas will include cybersecurity innovations.


The current ongoing projects include:

  1. Link Adaptation, Scheduling, and Feedback Techniques in Practical Wireless Systems
    K V S Hari and  Neelesh B. Mehta
  2. Interactive AR/VR digital twin for navigation and monitoring of office spaces
    Pradipta Biswas
  3. Advanced Chatbots
    Ambedkar Dukkipati
  4. Conversational Speech Analytics
    Sriram Ganapathy

For more details on BTIRC, please look up:

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