Centre for Networked Intelligence, IISc (a Cisco CSR Initiative)

The division of EECS and RBCCPS, IISc, in collaboration with Cisco CSR have launched the Centre for Networked Intelligence at IISc. The centre aims to develop next generation networking methodologies and concept solutions that can derive knowledge from evolved networks of the future. The centre aims to build network applications and public policies for the benefit of society in areas such as smart cities, IoT/CPS and data exchanges.

Research and development of concept solutions for next generation networks.

Facilitate the development of intellectual capital to address the challenges in network sciences.

Events to share and disseminate knowledge and learnings from the centre.

The centre will sponsor scholarships for Ph.D. and Masters students pursuing research in areas relevant to the centre.

As part of the centre, an advanced networking lab with state-of-the-art networking devices would be setup at IISc.

The centre would provide travel support for students and faculties to attend conferences.

Cisco’s engineers, through workshops and interactions, would share their expertise on latest developments in computer networks with the institute community.

The centre would conduct hackathons, workshops, and develop online courses as part of its outreach activity to disseminate knowledge and learnings from the centre to the wider society.

For more information about the centre, please visit https://cni.iisc.ac.in/

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