NCC 2023: Congratulations for the best paper award in Networking Track

The paper: Sudarsanan Krishnan, Vineeth Bala Sukumaran, and Chandra R. Murthy, On the Optimal Tradeoff of Age of Information and Transmission Power for Point-To-Point Links, National Conference on Communications, Guwahati, India, Feb. 2023, won the best paper award in the networking track at the conference!

Abstract: In applications such as remote estimation and monitoring, wireless networks need to be end-to-end optimized for information freshness as well as transmit power efficiency. In this paper, we study the fundamental tradeoff between an information freshness metric, the age of information, and transmit power for a point-to-point link. In contrast to prior work, we model the effect of transmission duration on the energy consumption, and consider control policies that vary the transmission duration. We propose two families of control policies, a threshold based and a fixed transmission time policy, and evaluate their age-power tradeoff. We analytically characterize the tradeoff for the family of fixed transmission time policies, which is also an upper bound on the optimal tradeoff. For small packet generation rates, we also obtain an analytical lower bound on the optimal tradeoff, which shows that fixed transmission time based policies are near-optimal. We provide numerical and simulation results to illustrate and compare the tradeoff offered by the different policies.

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