Dr. Utsav Banerjee is one of the Intel® Rising Star Faculty Awardees

Professor Banerjee leads the Secure Intelligent and Efficient Systems (SINESys) Lab. His research interests include cryptography, hardware security, digital circuits, embedded systems and chip design. Security is a major concern in the context of Internet of Things (IoT) and edge computing. Most IoT devices are resource-constrained embedded systems, which makes it difficult to implement computationally expensive cryptographic algorithms such as post-quantum cryptography, fully homomorphic encryption, functional encryption, zero-knowledge proofs and secure machine learning. These implementations must also be secured against side-channel attacks to prevent the leakage of sensitive information. Professor Banerjee’s research addresses these challenges through novel hardware-based security solutions – design of efficient and configurable cryptographic accelerators, low-overhead side-channel countermeasures and co-design of custom hardware with standard micro-processors such as RISC-V.


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