Celebrating Deep Tech Startups from IISc

Location: faculty hall

The Division of EECS – through its alumni, faculty and students, nurtured several deep technology companies over the last few decades, helping take the pursuit of excellence and delivering it to industry and society at large. The last decade has particularly seen a big spurt in such startups. In the Golden Jubilee year of the Department of CSA, this calls for a celebration. As every founder is striving to take their mission to reality, it is a good time to celebrate this culture and tradition, and do it better.

“Meet the stars” marks the start of an ambitious program to accelerate the adoption of the culture of translation and entrepreneurship within the EECS division with a core focus in the CSA Department. The resulting ecosystem will encourage EECS technologists and alumni connect with investors, mentors and industry partners through a series of programmed activities for a year.

On 5th July, 2019, we have a fascinating program where we have invited technologists that have successfully created companies out of their work; along with academics, futurists and venture capitalists to chart out how deep tech will shape the next decade and how IISc can help shape it.
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Registration (RSVP) for the Event: https://tinyurl.com/Meetthestars [Inviting you to be part of the celebration]



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