ECE Faculty Colloquium by Kausik Majumdar (ECE dept.)


ECE Faculty Colloquium


Date: Friday 30 August 2019

Time: 4pm

(coffee at 3:45pm)

Speaker: Kausik Majumdar (ECE dept.)

Title: Charge and energy transfer across layered heterojunctions – towards atomic scale devices

Abstract: Van der Waals heterostructures allow atomically sharp junctions with sub-nanometer separation between two different layers, and are highly forgiving about the lattice mismatch between two successive layers – making them an excellent platform for novel atomic scale devices. In this talk, I shall discuss about our recent works on efficient charge and energy transfer across such heterojunctions. The implications will be discussed through several device examples.

Bio: Kausik Majumdar is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Electrical Communication Engineering in Indian Institute of Science.

All are welcome.

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