Lecture by Prof. V. Srinivasa Chakravarthy in EE

Location: MMCR

Title : Bharati Script – A universal script for Indian languages

Time : 4.00 pm

Abstract : We present Bharati, a simple, novel script that can represent the characters of a majority of contemporary Indic scripts. Indian language writing systems typically have a alphasyllabic structure, in which a character, known as an Akshara, is constituted by multiple consonants and a vowel. The vowels and consonants of different Indic scripts have a significant overlap, offering a natural possibility for unification. Bharati is a realization of this possibility. The shapes/motifs of Bharati characters are drawn from some of the simplest characters of existing Indic scripts. Bharati characters are designed such that they strictly reflect the underling phonetic organization, thereby attributing to the script qualities of simplicity, familiarity, ease of acquisition and use. The simplicity of Bharati script renders it ideal also for character recognition technology applications like Optical Character Recognition and Handwritten Character Recognition. For more information please visit: For more information please visit: www.bharatiscript.com

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