Lecture by Dr. Atreyee Kundu, INSPIRE Faculty fellow, EE

Location: MMCR

Title : Matrix commutator conditions for stability of switched linear systems
Speaker : Dr. Atreyee Kundu
Date : 05/04/2019
Venue : C 241 MMCR, EE
Abstract : Switched systems find wide applications in modelling and analysis of a large class of complex systems. Stability of switched systems has attracted considerable research attention over the past few decades. In this talk I will describe various research questions that arise in stability theory of switched systems, and solve some of them by employing commutation relations between the subsystem matrices.These techniques are relatively new in the literature and offer robustness with respect to smallperturbations in the elements of the subsystem matrices. I will end the talk with open questions involving matrix commutator based characterization of stability of switched systems.
Speaker Bio : Dr. Atreyee is an INSPIRE Faculty fellow at the EE dept.

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