Talk by Dr. Vaibhav Katewa, post Doc, University of California

Location: Auditorium, ECE MP Building

*Title* :  Networked and Multi-agent Dynamical Systems: Security, Privacy and Structural Analysis

*Speaker* :  Dr. Vaibhav Katewa,

*Venue* :  Auditorium, ECE MP Building

*Date* :  Monday, 8th April 2019

*Time* :  04:00-05:00 pm

 *Abstract*: Networked dynamical systems are pervasive in today’s world. They range from manmade systems such as power grids, transportation networks and teams of mobile robots, to natural systems such as neurological and epidemiological networks. These systems consist of multiple agents/components which are physically coupled, communicate and collaborate among themselves. Many physical systems are also integrated with cyber technologies like sensing, data communication and computation. While the cyber components, information exchange, and cooperation enhance the functionality of such cyber-physical and networked systems, they also introduce numerous challenges in their analysis and design.

This talk will focus on three key challenges: security, privacy and network structure. First, I will consider a multi-agent interconnected dynamical system, and present a security mechanism to detect malicious inputs in such systems, and a privacy mechanism to protect confidential states of the agents. I will show that there exists a fundamental trade-off between security and privacy, and interestingly, sharing less information among the agents can lead to an improvement in both security and privacy under certain conditions. Second, I will demonstrate that the sparsity structure of networked systems is crucial in their analysis for the problem of minimum-gain pole placement. Using optimization-based techniques, I will analytically characterize optimal solutions to this problem, and present projected descent algorithm to numerically obtain the solutions. Finally, I will discuss my immediate and long-term research directions for networked and cyber-physical systems, and conclude with my teaching plan.

*Brief Bio*: Dr. Vaibhav Katewa is a postdoctoral scholar in the department of Mechanical Engineering at University of California, Riverside. He received his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical Engineering from University of Notre Dame in 2012 and 2016, respectively, advised by Prof. Vijay Gupta. He received his B.Tech degree from IIT Kanpur in 2007 in Electrical Engineering. His research interests include design and analysis of security and privacy methods for cyber-physical systems and complex networks, decentralized and sparse feedback control, and protocol design for networked  control systems.

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