Pratiksha Trust Symposium on Brain, Computation and Data Science

Location: ECE, Golden Jubilee Hall

Date & Time : October 18, 2019, 3PM-5PM

Venue : Golden Jubilee Hall, Department of ECE, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

About : The Brain, Computation, and Data Science initiative, set up in June 2015, sprung out of the generous endowment provided by Mr. Kris Gopalakrishnan and Mrs. Sudha Gopalakrishnan, founders of the Pratiksha Trust, Bangalore. The mission of this initiative is to foster intense research collaboration leading to capacity building, ecosystem creation, and high impact research outcomes in brain, computation, and data science in IISc and India. The participating departments and centres of IISc include: Computer Science and Automation, Computational and Data Sciences, Centre for Neuroscience, Electrical Communication Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronic Systems Engineering, Mathematics, and Molecular Biophysics.

Award of Pratiksha Trust Young Investigator Positions to Assistant Professors is one of several initiatives by the Pratiksha Trust. This symposium will feature talks by all the Pratiksha Trust Young Investigator awardees.

Dr. Sridharan Devarajan, Centre for Neuroscience, IISc
Dr. Sriram Ganapathy, Department of EE, IISc
Dr. Chetan Singh Thakur, Department of ESE, IISc
Dr. Prasanta Kumar Ghosh, Department of EE, IISc
Dr. Siddharth Barman, Department of CSA, IISc
Dr. Anirban Chakraborty, Department of CDS, IISc
Dr. Sundeep Prabhakar Chepuri, Department of ECE, IISc
Dr. Anand Louis, Department of CSA, IISc

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Organized by
Division of EECS, Indian Institute of Science, and
Brain, Computation, and Data Group
Indian Institute of Science

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