Quantum States and Modes in Quantum Optics by Prof. Claude Fabre, Emeritus Professor, University of Sorbonne, Paris.

Location: ECE, Golden Jubilee Hall

Applied Photonics Initiative (API) invites you to OSA lecture(s) By Prof. Claude Fabre, Emeritus Professor, University of Sorbonne, Paris.

Tutorial talk: Quantum States and Modes in Quantum Optics

Modes of the electromagnetic field are actually quantum degrees of freedom. Using the techniques of nonlinear optics, one can couple different modes, and build in a controlled and reconfigurable way large quantum networks that open indeed many promising perspectives for optical communications and computation. Because of the linearity of Maxwell equations a linear superposition of two modes is another mode. This means that a “modal superposition principle” exists on top of the regular quantum state superposition principle. The purpose of the tutorial is to show the interest of considering these two aspects of multimode quantum light in a global way. It will also detail the different techniques allowing to produce, characterize, tailor and use multimode quantum light, and show in particular that it is possible to find not only quantum states that improve parameter estimation, but also the optimal modes in which these states “live”.

Time: 19/06/2019 Wednesday, 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM

Venue: Golden Jubilee Seminar Hall, ECE Department, IISc


About the Speaker:

Prof. Claude Fabre is a French physicist, Professor and researcher at the Kastler Brossel Laboratory of the École normale supérieure. Prof. Claude pursues theoretical and experimental work on the quantum properties of light (quantum correlations and fluctuations, entanglement, tailoring of quantum fluctuations), quantum effects in highly multimode systems like optical images and ultrashort light pulses, applications to quantum  metrology and to quantum information processing and computing, ultra-accurate space-time positioning beyond the standard quantum limit.



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