Research on Breath Sounds – from sensing to signal processing

Location: MMCR

Effective Communication Seminar Series

Electrical Engineering, IISc


Title: Research on Breath Sounds – from sensing to signal processing

Speaker:  Dr. Prasanta Kumar Ghosh

Date:  Friday, March 29, 2019

Time:  4 pm – 5 pm.  (Tea/Coffee at 3:45 pm)

Venue:   Multimedia Classroom (Room: C241), 1st floor,

Department of Electrical Engineering

Abstract :

Breath sound is often used as a biomarker for several pulmonary diseases. In this talk, I shall present an overview of the research on breath sounds. A summary of different normal and abnormal breath sounds will be presented. Advancements in sensing and processing the breath sounds will also be summarized. Finally, the talk will highlight the challenges that need to be addressed in the future research.


Prasanta Kumar Ghosh is an assistant professor in the department of EE, IISc.

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