Seminar by Mr. Brij B. Bhargava

Location: MMCR

Title: High Speed Permanent Magnet Machines

Abstract: In this talk Mr. Bhargava will talk about the history  of high speed machines. Special materials that are used in the design of high speed machines will be covered. Reliability and characteristics of the special materials and its impact on the machine design is highlighted. The implications on the availability of these materials in India will also be discussed. The system design aspects of variable voltage, variable frequency, variable speed, high power density machines will be covered in the talk.
Speaker Bio : Mr. Brij B. Bhargava has worked in a number of companies related to the design and development of electric machines. He was the Chief Engineer, Motors and Generators for Pacific Scientific, Danaher Corp. Brij has designed more than twenty rare earth PM engine-dedicated alternators for aircraft turbine engines for customers such as GE, Pratt and Whitney and Rolls Royce. He was part of the team for the development of Low Loss Electrical Steel for high efficiency machines, and initiated Direct Drive Starter/Generator Programs using the PM Design approach and designed and developed 85K to 145K rpm, 3 kW to 45 kW micro-turbine PM starter/generator for GM, Ford and Elliott.  He started the Ashman Consulting and Ashman Technologies to bring this critical and rare high speed, high efficiency electrical machine technology for commercial and aerospace applications. Brij has over 35 years of experience designing PM motors, alternators, generators for aerospace and commercial applications.

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