Talk by K.P. Unnikrishnan

Location: MMCR

Department of Electrical Engineering

Seminar Notice

Speaker : Dr. K.P. Unnikrishnan, eNeuroLearn, Ann Arbor, USA

Title : Towards Dynamic Capsule Networks: How Neuroscience Can Help AI

Date & Time : 19 February (Wednesday)  4:00 PM

Venue : MMCR, EE Dept

Abstract :

The recently introduced Capsule Network (CapsNet) formalism has many unique features. We describe these and point out some shortfalls. Recent work from our group, addressing some of these, has improved the performance of CapsNets. We conclude by describing a new formalism that incorporates some of the unique features of mammalian sensory systems. These networks could provide real-time sensory processing needed for autonomous vehicles.

About the Speaker :

KP Unnikrishnan is the founder and scientific director of eNeuroLearn, an Ann Arbor based AI/DL startup. eNeuroLearn brings architectures and algorithms from Neuroscience to enhance Deep Learning. He has worked in Neural Networks, Computational Neuroscience, Data Mining, and Deep learning for the past 35 years. He has a PhD in Physics from Syracuse University and has worked at Bell Labs, Caltech, University of Michigan, General Motors Reasearch, NorthSore University HealthSystem and Ford Motor Company. He started at IISc as a PhD student in Physics and has been visiting the institution since about 1985.


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