Talk by Prof. Eric Grivel,  Some contributions to Bayesian approaches for target tracking in radar applications

Location: ECE, Golden Jubilee Hall

CNRS, France, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, and IEEE Signal Processing Society Bangalore Chapter invite you to the following talk

Title: Some contributions to Bayesian approaches for target tracking in radar applications

Speaker: Prof. Eric Grivel, IMS Lab, Bordeaux, France

Venue: Golden Jubilee Seminar Hall, ECE Department, Indian Institute of Science Bangalore

Date and time: November 13, 2019; 4 PM – 5 PM.

Abstract: Detecting and tracking maritime or ground targets is one of the application fields for surveillance by airborne radar systems. More particularly, the purpose is to estimate the trajectories of one or more moving objects over time based on noisy radar measurements. When dealing with one target, one approach consists in using a Kalman filter by making an assumption on the type of the target motion and the parameters of the motion model. However, these assumptions are not necessarily well-suited to the situation. In addition, when dealing with maneuvering targets, the motion model may often change over time. Finally, false detections may appear and have a bad influence on the estimation of the target position. To address these issues, multiple-model algorithms, joint tracking and classification approaches and Bernoulli filtering can be considered. The purpose of this talk is to present some variants based on these concepts.

It should be noted that the methods that will be presented were developed with PhD students and a French colleague.

Biography of the speaker: Eric Grivel received his PhD in signal processing in 2000 in Bordeaux (France). He joined Bordeaux Institute of Technology (Bordeaux INP), in 2001 as an assistant professor  and then as a professor in 2011.  For more than 20 years, he has been with the Signal & Image research group at IMS lab (which is a joint research unit for the French National Center for Scientific  Research CNRS, University of Bordeaux and Bordeaux INP). His research activities deal with statistical signal processing with applications in speech and audio processing, mobile communication  systems, radar processing, GPS navigation and biomedical.


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