Talk by Rekha Pai

Location: CSA Seminar Hall (Room No. 254, First Floor)

Department of Computer Science and Automation
Department Seminar

Speaker : Rekha Pai

Title : Static Analysis for Detecting High-Level Races in RTOS Kernels

Date : Monday, September 30, 2019

Time : 4:00 PM

Venue : CSA Seminar Hall (Room No. 254, First Floor)


We propose a static analysis based approach for detecting high-level races in RTOS kernels popularly used in safety-critical embedded software. High-Level races are indicators of atomicity violations and can lead to erroneous software behaviour with serious consequences. Hitherto techniques for detecting high-level races have relied on model- checking approaches, which are inefficient and apriori unsound. In contrast we propose a technique based on static analysis that is both efficient and sound. The technique is based on the notion of disjoint blocks recently introduced in Chopra et al. We evaluate our technique on three popular RTOS kernels and show that it is effective in detecting races, many of them harmful, with a high rate of precision.

This is joint work with Abhishek Singh (IIIT Bangalore), Deepak D’Souza (IISc), and Meenakshi D’Souza (IIIT Bangalore). The work will be presented at the Formal Methods Symposium in Porto, Portugal, next month.

Biography of the speaker

Rekha Pai is a Kothari Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Computer Science and Automation department, IISc, Bangalore. Her interests are in Code Transformation and Static Race Detection.

Host Faculty : Deepak D’Souza

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