EECS Division Initiatives

Academic Initiatives

The Division has initiated several academic and education initiatives in recent times. Please look up these initiatives here.

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Industry Initiatives

The Division is involved in multiple engagements in Education and Research with the Industry and Industrial Research Labs, both from the Public Sector and the Private Sector. Please click here for recent initiatives.

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EECS Research Students Symposium

The EECS Research Students Symposium is an initiative of the EECS Divisionand is primarily an annual forum for presentations by senior research students (expecting to graduate during that year ) involving the Departments of Computational and Data Sciences, Computer Science and Automation, Electrical Communication Engineering , Electrical Engineering, Electronic Systems Engineering, and the Robert Bosch Centre for Cyber-Physical Systems.

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Research Cluster Initiatives

The Research Clusters in the Division have been actively organizing academic and innovation events and engaged with the Government and Industry ecosystem.

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Distinguished Visitors

The Division welcomes distinguished visitors from all over the globe and has instituted several initiatives for hosting and engaging with them.

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Endowed Lectures

The Division organizes endowed lectures by distinguished speakers under various endowments. For more details, please click here.

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Divisional Review

The division conducts serous introspection through internal reviews and seeks the advice of external experts for planning the future trajectory. During September 17-20, 2017, a four-day external review of the Division was conducted by the following experts. The review has brought out our strengths and weaknesses, and has provided an opportunity for us to undertake several measures to improve.

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