Mindtree Creates Endowment for Associate Professor Chair in the Division of EECS

Mindtree, a global technology services and digital transformation company, has created an endowment for supporting an Associate Professor Chair in the Division of EECS.

The inaugural Mindtree Associate Professor Chair has been awarded to Professor Vijay Natarajan, Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Automation. Prof. Natarajan has an experience of 12 years and works in the areas of scientific visualization, computational topology, and computational geometry. The main topics of research include topological methods for visualization; multiscale representation of large scale scientific data; geometric and topological simplification; and applications of visualization in life sciences, climate science, and material science. Prof. Natarajan’s research is set to impact next-generation data processing, analysis and visualization technology in the large.

For more details on this generous endowment from Mindtree, please click here.


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