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Hardik J Pandya

Associate Professor


Prof. Hardik J. Pandya is an Associate Professor in the Department of Electronic Systems Engineering, Division of EECS, IISc Bangalore where he has developed the Advanced Microsystems and Biomedical Devices Facility for Clinical Research and Biomedical and Electronic (10-6-10-9) Engineering Systems Laboratory (BEES Lab) as well as BEES computational laboratory. The work in the laboratories is focused on carrying out cutting-edge research integrating biology/medicine with micro-nano technology for developing a new class of sensors, minimally invasive tools, and electronic systems to solve unmet clinical problems. The emphasis is on cancer diagnosis, surgery, therapeutics, drug screening, and smart microchips for healthcare.


Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems, Electronic Systems Engineering, Advanced Healthcare Technologies for Screening and Diagnosis, Micro/Nanotechnology based Sensors and Transducer

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