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Kausik Majumdar

Associate Professor


Kausik holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Communication Engineering from Indian Institute of Science (2007 – 2011), an M.Tech. in Optoelectronics and Optical Communication from Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (2003-2005) and a B.E. in Electronics and Tele-Communication Engineering from Jadavpur University (1999-2003). Before joining as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Electrical Communication Engineering in Indian Institute of Science in January 2015,  Kausik was working as an Emerging Technology Research Scientist at SEMATECH, Albany, USA (2011 – 2014). Earlier, he worked as a Product Engineer at Magma Design Automation, Bangalore, India, (July 2005 – Dec 2006).

Research overview:

Kausik leads the Quantum Electronics Laboratory at the ECE department in IISc. His research group uses a combination of theoretical and experimental techniques to investigate the electrical and optoelectronic properties of low dimensional materials and their nanostructures. The research group is also equally interested in applying these fascinating properties to develop novel devices, encompassing the entire spectrum of device design and simulation, device fabrication using state of the art semiconductor fabrication techniques, and device characterization using various electrical, optical and spectroscopic techniques.


Semiconductor Device Physics, Nanoelectronic and Optoelectronic Devices, Light Matter Interaction at Nanoscale, Quantum Technologies.

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