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Udaya Kumar



He is currently Chairman of Electrical Engineering Department. He obtained a master’s and Ph.D., from high voltage engineering, IISc, in 1991 and 1998.

Has was a member of international working groups on lightning-related topics and Chair of IISc GATE office.

He has/had projects with Indian Space Agency, Aeronautical Development Agency, Metro/Railways, and Power companies.

He is an Editor of IEEE Trans on Power Delivery, Associate Editor of IET High Voltage, and PAC member of a SERB’s committee & Technical member of the Lightning Protection committee of NDMA.





  • Theoretical and Computational aspects of quasi-static electric fields and their application to real life problems
  • Dynamic fields associated with Lightning discharge
  • High frequency response of coils and windings
  • Corona generated EMF


  • Modeling of Lightning
  • Lightning protection –
    • Modelling of the attachment process and modelling of attachment to aircrafts
    • Investigations on the Lightning Surge response
    • Lightning generated fields in soil
    • Simualtion of the strike to a transmisson line using a self-consistent lightning return

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