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  • He works in the broad area of electronic systems engineering with emphasis on power electronics. Some of the topics and products that he has researched on are: Modeling and Design of a Solar Hybrid Desalination System with Pressure Modulation, Insolation model for India, Battery buffered stiff micro grid structure for a variable speed slip ring induction machine based wind generation system, Modeling, Optimization and Design of a solar thermal energy transport system for hybrid cooking application, Design of High efficiency grid connectible quality power supply with switching magnetics, Modelling and Simulation of Switched Mode Power Converters: A Bond Graph Approach, Standalone micro-hydel generation system using doubly fed induction generator with unbalanced load compensation, Induction motor based electric propulsion for hybrid electric vehicles, Building energy management towards zero grid energy, Vector control of induction motor, Vector control of PMSM motor, Single phase grid connected inverter from PV panel, Three phase grid connected inverter from PV panel, Pulsed power electroplating, Solar stand alone inverter, Solar pumping, Electronic ballast, Solar lantern, Unity power factor front end converter, Electric scooter, Series hybrid electric vehicle for three wheeled vehicle, Parallel hybrid electric vehicle for three wheeled vehicle, Single phase induction generation, Multi-power port for energy management in hybrid electric vehicle.


Power Converters, Electric Vehicle Drives, Bond Graph Modelling, Renewable Energy Systems

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