Design of Dynamic MAC and PHY SoC for Low Power and Long-Range Networks

The project aims at developing low power, long-range radios for Industrial Internet of Things network. This is a MeitY funded project, with collaborating partners – IIT Hyderabad, IIT Bhubaneshwar, IISc Bangalore and CDAC Bangalore. IISc is involved in developing the IEEE 802.15.4e-TSCH standard based MAC. The standard is intended to address the IIoT requirements. The TDMA based Slotframe structure provides determinism & scalability and FDMA structure assists to combat interference. The project is executed in two parts based on the platform of MAC developed: (a) GNU Radio: IEEE 802.15.4e-TSCH MAC Out of Tree module. (b) Embedded Platform: Dynamic MAC on ARM M4 microcontroller. Implementation includes Clear Channel Assessment using energy thresholding, Frequency and Channel hopping, Frame structure for Enhanced Beacon, Data frame and Enhanced acknowledgment, Multi-hop Synchronization and PAN Formation.


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Faculty: Dr. T. V. Prabhakar
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