Interaction of Electromagnetic Wave with Dielectric Medium having Arbitrarily Time-modulated Permittivity: An FDTD Approach

The concept of time-varying media (temporal photonic crystals) is recently finding usage in several exotic electromagnetic applications like: parametric amplification, frequency conversion, non-reciprocal gain, temporal coating and temporal aiming. An FDTD simulation paradigm is formulated in MATLAB, to study the EM wave interaction with a dielectric slab, having independently time-controllable permittivity. First, the interesting effects of non-linear modulation (eg. Carrier-signal suppression) using sinusoidally modulated dielectric are observed. Furthermore, the unusual energy transitions of EM fields in step-periodically time-varying media are critically explored and linked with the exceptional point theory and parity–time symmetric scattering theory via a time-transitioning state-matrix approach.


Debdeep Sarkar, “FDTD Analysis of Guided Electromagnetic Wave Interaction with Time Modulated Dielectric Medium,” SpringerBriefs in Computational Electromagnetics, Springer Nature, 2021. (Accepted }


Faculty: Debdeep Sarkar, ECE
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