Neonatal Hearing Screening System Development and Validation

The proposed research explains a novel, affordable indigenous solution for neonatal hearing screening (NHS), not only by replicating the current gold standard (ABR), but also by enhancing the neonatal hearing screening protocol by adding an enhanced measure (MMN) to understand cortical deafness. The prime objective of this project is to make NHS rapid, and easy to operate to obtain higher coverage. In a nutshell, a five-minute test with the proposed headband can lead to a timely detection that can save the neonate from lifelong deficiencies, highlighting the translational potential and a clear relevance for the prototype in clinical settings.

  • Rathin K. Joshi, Varun Kumar M, Megha Agarwal, Avinash Rao, Mahesh Jayachandra, Latika Mohan, and Hardik J. Pandya, “Spatiotemporal analysis of interictal EEG for automated seizure detection and classification.” Biomedical Signal Processing and Control, volume 79, part 1, 104086, 2023.

DOI: | Impact Factor: 5.076

  • Rathin K. Joshi, Manu K S, Hari R S, Mahesh Jayachandra, Manjunath Dandi, Hardik J. Pandya “Automated ABR and MMN Extraction using Customized Headband for Hearing Screening” (Under Review)
  • Invention Title: A portable, wearable bi-material headband for auditory and visual event-related potential (ERP) extraction.

Inventors: Hardik J. Pandya, Rathin K. Joshi, Ajay Krishnan A, and Hari R S.

Indian Design Patent No.: 388085-001 (June 09, 2023)

Status: FER Responded

Faculty: Prof. Hardik J Pandya
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