Neuromorphic CMOS-MoS2 based hybrid system for low power edge-computing

The brain is an ideal template for next-generation computing architectures. We, at NeuRonICS lab IISc, have developed a hybrid architecture [1] that combines a silicon neuron, acting as the computing unit, with a 2D nanosheet of molybdenum sulphate, acting as a memristor that works like a synapse [2]. This can improve power use and performance in IoT-based edge devices.


Gupta, S., Kumar, P., Paul, T., van Schaik, A., Ghosh, A., & Thakur, C. S. (2019). Low Power, CMOS-MoS 2 Memtransistor based Neuromorphic Hybrid Architecture for Wake-Up Systems. Nature Scientific Reports, 9(1), 1-9.

Paul, T., Ahmed, T., Tiwari, K. K., Thakur, C. S., & Ghosh, A. (2019). A high-performance MoS2 synaptic device with floating gate engineering for neuromorphic computing. 2D Materials, 6(4), 045008

Faculty: Chetan Singh Thakur, ESE
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