Nonlinear optics with emerging two-dimensional materials

Nonlinear optical study of emerging two-dimensional (2D) materials is interesting both for understanding material properties and for building useful photonic devices. Our research group in the ECE department utilizes a nonlinear optical microscope system to characterize optical properties of 2D materials. This figure shows third-harmonic generation from multilayer Tin Diselenide by simultaneously acquire forward and backward generated third-harmonic signals. Intricate thickness dependence shown in the forward and backward directions are understood by investigating Fabry-Perot interference effects within the layered material.


R. Biswas, M. Dandu, S. Menon, K.K. Jha, Jyothsna K. M., K. Majumdar, and V. Raghunathan, “Third-harmonic generation in multilayer Tin Diselenide under the influence of Fabry-Perot interference effects,” Optics Express 27, 28855-28865 (2019)


Faculty: Varun Raghunathan, ECE
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