Novel Thru-Wall Radar-on-chip Technology

Dr. Gaurab Banerjee and his research group at the ECE department have developed a radar-on-chip technology for thru-wall imaging applications. An entire radar transceiver, consisting of one transmitter, three receivers and a wideband frequency synthesizer was implemented on a semiconductor chip, smaller than a grain of rice. This technology has several applications in security, healthcare, transportation and infrastructure and is currently being developed into a full product.


G Banerjee, A Chakraborty, J Chauhan, “CMOS wideband RF amplifier with gain roll-off compensation for external parasitics, US Patent App. 15/744,155, Allowed, March 2020.

Lenka and G. Banerjee, “A Wideband Blocker-Tolerant Receiver With Frequency-Translational Resistive Feedback,” IEEE Trans. VLSI Systems, vol. 27, no. 5, pp. 993-1006, May. 2019


Faculty: Gaurab Banerjee, ECE
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