Rate-optimal Coded Quantum Networks

Rate-optimal Coded Quantum Networks, Eavesdropping and more:

We encode k qubits of quantum information over an n-node network, in a distributed fashion with one qubit per node. A procedure is devised to recover the encoded information from a quantum coded network using modified graph state codes that saturate the quantum Singleton bound and resilient to single node failure. Insights into rate-optimal coded quantum network designs [1] are provided.

Also, the advantage of quantum coding over graph states resilient to single node failure is explored in [2].  Further, graph state codes are explored within the context of node recovery from an eavesdropping attack [3].


[1] P. J. Nadkarni, A. Raina and S. S. Garani, “Modified graph-state codes for single-node recovery in quantum distributed storage” in Physical Review A 102 (6), 062430, 2020.

[2] A. Raina, P. J. Nadkarni, and S. S. Garani, “Recovery of quantum information from a node failure in a graph”, Quantum Info. Proc., vol. 19, no. 2, Feb. 2020.

[3] A. Raina and S. S. Garani, “Recovery from an eavesdropping attack on a qubit of a graph state”, Quantum Info. Proc., vol. 18, no. 9, Sep. 2019.

Website: https://eecs.iisc.ac.in/people/shayan-garani/


Faculty: Shayan Srinivasa Garani, ESE
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Figure: Quantum coded network for an (n-2)/n rate modified graph state code that saturates the quantum Singleton bound. The dashed-dotted line between the check nodes (n-1) and n might or might not exist depending on whether g and h are even or odd, respectively.
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