Secure Allegation Escrow System

The rising issues of harassment, exploitation, corruption and other forms of abuse have led victims to seek comfort by acting in unison against common perpetrators. This is corroborated by the widespread #MeToo movement, which was explicitly against sexual harassment. Installation of escrow systems to identify common perpetrators allows victims to report such incidents. However, users hesitate to participate fearing the reports being leaked to perpetrators. Thus, to increase trust in the system, cryptographic solutions are being designed to realize secure allegation escrow (SAE) systems. Having identified the attacks and issues in all prior works, we put forth an SAE system that overcomes these while retaining all the existing salient features.


Shield: Secure Allegation Escrow System with Stronger Guarantees. Nishat Koti, Varsha Bhat Kukkala, Arpita Patra, Bhavish Raj Gopal. WWW 2023.


Faculty: Prof. Arpita Patra
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