Transient Vector Estimator based Control Scheme for EVs

The drive control schemes for electric vehicles can be classified as scalar and vector control methods. Scalar control methods are robust against variation in machine parameters, but their dynamic response is poor. On the other hand, vector control principles exhibit faster transient response, but are sensitive to parameter variations. The proposed speed control method, based on the concept of transient vector estimator, combines the advantages of both scalar and vector control methods. Slip in the proposed method is taken from the steady state portion and hence need not be estimated, unlike the vector control methods. The proposed method does not also rely on the parameter adaptation methods for slip.


S. R. P. Reddy and Umanand Loganathan, “Offline Recursive Identification of Electrical Parameters of VSI-Fed Induction Motor Drives,” in IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics , vol. 35, no. 10, pp. 10711-10719,  june 2020

S. R. P. Reddy and Umanand Loganathan, “Robust and High-Dynamic-Performance Control of Induction Motor Drive Using Transient Vector Estimator,” in IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, vol. 66, no. 10, pp. 7529-7538, Oct. 2019.

Faculty: L Umanand, ESE
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