Voltage Equalizer for Electrochemical Energy Storages

A voltage equalizer ensures uniform voltage distribution in a series-connected battery or ultra-capacitor stack to improve its capacity and life significantly.

The proposed equalizer achieves fast equalization without requiring complex current control, and lends itself to simple hardware and control implementation, and is scalable due to its modular design. The developed prototype shown in the figure above is tested on Li-ion cells, hybrid ultra-capacitor banks, and the widely used lead-acid batteries. The circuit shows excellent voltage equalization performance.


Shimul K. Dam, Vinod John:
Low-frequency Selection Switch based Cell-to-Cell Battery Voltage Equalizer with Reduced Switch Count. CoRR abs/2010.09789 (2020)

Shimul K. Dam, Vinod John:
A Soft-switched Fast Cell-to-Cell Voltage Equalizer for Electrochemical Energy Storage. CoRR abs/1907.02559 (2019)

Website: http://www.ee.iisc.ac.in/people/faculty/vjohn/index.html

Faculty: Vinod John, EE
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