Research Programmes

The EECS division offers world-class research opportunities leading to the award of the MTech (Research) and PhD (Doctoral) degrees. Research students get a chance to discover, innovate and conduct fundamental/applied work working with world-class faculty within a wide range of theoretical and experimental areas that span EECS. Also, there are plenty of opportunities for students to do interdisciplinary work cutting across the EECS division, for example, within cyber physical systems, quantum computing and communication, brain inspired computing etc.

Research within the IISc EECS division falls within the following broad technical areas.

  • Theoretical Computer Science
  • Programming Languages and Software Engineering
  • Computer  Systems
  • Machine Learning
  • Control & Optimization
  • Signal Processing
  • Image Processing
  • Computer Vision
  • Next Generation Communications and Networking
  • Mm-Wave and THz RF Systems
  • Photonics and Quantum Electronics
  • Power Systems
  • Power Electronics
  • High Voltage Engineering
  • Electromagnetics
  • Semiconductor Technologies
  • Micro/Nanoelectronics

Admission to our research programs are highly competitive with cut-offs based on GATE scores, GRE scores (in case of foreign nationals), prior academic records etc. Each department within EECS has a listing of the research areas conducted by a faculty member within that department.  For more details, prospective candidates are advised to browse the Thematic Research Cluster webpages, individual department web pages (CSA, ECE, EE, ESE), associated research labs and individual faculty web pages, to learn about exciting work happening within EECS, aligned to their research interests.

All our students are offered fellowships through the Govt. of India. There are also prestigious fellowships, such as, the Prime Minister Research Fellowship (PMRF), along with other attractive industry-sponsored fellowships.

Upon graduation, our PhDs are highly sought after by industrial R&D organizations within India and abroad. Some of our PhDs also land up in academic careers with prestigious universities within India and abroad, typically after an academic post-doctoral experience or an industrial research work experience. There are also possibilities for entrepreneurships, supported by the IISc eco-system for startups.

We welcome you to EECS for a rewarding research career, and wish you all the best for a successful research path!

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