Data Viz in a Box by Christopher Arnold Wells Fargo

Location: CSA Class room (Ground floor, Room No. 112)

Department of Computer Science and Automation
Department Seminar

Speaker : Christopher Arnold Wells Fargo

Title : Data Viz in a Box

Date : Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Time : 3:30 PM

Venue : CSA Class room (Ground floor, Room No. 112)


Data Viz in a box is an hour-long, interactive, and entertaining exploration of some of the key principles in data graphic design. This particular lecture focuses on the concept of Data/Ink ratio and how to eliminate unnecessary and “spend” helpful ink so that the reader can better interpret the data graphic. The session is highly interactive and infused with humour to engage and encourage students to put themselves in the place of the person trying to interpret their work.

The course objective is to fundamentally change the students’ concept of data graphics.

The instructor will bring a single page of paper for each student. The only materials required for the instructor are a whiteboard and three (working) dark-coloured markers. For large classes, a head microphone is preferred, but hand-held can also work. This class can also be taught remotely through a sharing session on Skype or Zoom.

Biography of the speaker

Chris Arnold (popularly known as the Data Whisperer) has been making data talk since the age of mainframes. Spanning quantitative and qualitative analysis, he has built high functioning quant teams and data mart solutions across pharmaceutical, automotive, and financial services industries; within risk, operations, and marketing domains. He has also conducted ethnographic research in the Amazon basin. He currently leads Wells Fargo’s offshore analytics practice, with teams in India and the Philippines. He guest lectures at universities and has been a Lecturer of Data Visualization at UC Berkeley’s Master’s in Data Science program. Chris has an interdisciplinary master’s degree from UC Santa Barbara, where he additionally completed the National Center for Geographic Information & Analysis program.

Chris speaks passionately about data visualization, intuitive use of complex analytics, and the alleged intelligence of so-called business intelligence tools. Warning: if you don’t have an hour to waste, don’t ask him about pie charts. Chris is a surfer, fly fisherman, and photographer, although not particularly proficient in any one. He is based in Namma Bengaluru.

Host Faculty : Prof. Vijay Natarajan


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