Privaros: A framework for privacy-compliant delivery drones

E-commerce companies are poised to use delivery drones to revolutionize how products are delivered to customers. However, these drones come equipped with sensors such as camera, GPS, and microphones that pose a threat to the privacy of citizens. Vinod Ganapathy’s research group has developed Privaros, a system to enforce citizen-specified privacy policies on delivery drones. Privaros easily integrates with portals such as Digital Sky, India’s proposed drone policy regulatory framework.


Rakesh Rajan Beck, Abhishek Vijeev, Vinod Ganapathy, “Privaros: A framework for privacy-compliant delivery drones,” In Proceedings of the 27th ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security, November 2020.

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Faculty: Vinod Ganapathy, CSA
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