Coding Analog of Superadditivity Using Entanglement-Assisted Quantum Tensor Product Codes Over Fpk

Entrepreneurship Day

Science & Technology for Today & Tomorrow
by K. Ananth Krishnan

EECS 2022 plenary talks

Transceiver Design for Cellular: Challenges and Directions
by Krishnaswamy, T.

Medical Sieve Grand Challenge: A Turing Test for Chest Radiology AI
by Tanveer F. Syeda-Mahmood

Sethuraman Panchanathan visits his alma mater

IISc convocation 2022

Training machine learning models with private data on untrusted hardware

A new MTech AI Lab

Sweden–India Transport, Innovation and Safety partnership

Discussing The Man from the Future

Mathematics and the Computer

Transistors, semiconductor electronics, and Moore’s law

Computer Proofs and Artificial Intelligence in Mathematics

The 14th EECS Research Students Symposium (EECS 2023)

Developing a Diverse, Robust AI Workforce

Paradox Fest

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