Symmetry in Scalar Fields

Cross-Modal Retrieval

Using Statistical Mechanics to understand depth in Deep Networks

Neural programming and program analysis

Neural computations underlying cognition

An analog neuromorphic co-processor that utilizes device mismatch for learning applications

Temporal Self-Organization: A Reaction-Diffusion Framework for Spatiotemporal Memories

On the exact round complexity of secure three party computation

Almost-Surely Terminating Asynchronous Byzantine Agreement

Regulating Smart Devices in Restricted Spaces

Secure and Private Cloud Computing with Trusted Hardware

Analysis of Concurrent Software

Automatic Bug-Fixing in Programs

Statistical Inference under Privacy Constraints

Strong Converse for Wiretap Channel

Universal Multiparty Secret Key Agreement

Security for Smart Cities

FreeStyle: Customizable, Randomized, and Variable Round Version of Chacha Cipher to Resist Offline Key-guessing

Differentially-Private Algorithms for Consensus and Convex Optimization

Efficient and Secure Search over Encrypted Data

Quantum-safe Cryptography

Deep Neural Networks for Superresolution of Document and Natural Images

ChExVis: a tool for molecular channel extraction and visualization

Articulogram for characterizing speaker specific articulation

Surveillance Face Recognition and Cross-Modal Retrieval

Fast Algorithms for Kernel Based Filtering

Regularization in Fluorescence Microscopy and Photoacoustic Imaging

Virtual Reality, Image/Video Quality Assessment and Enhancement and Streaming Video

Online Reconstruction Algorithms for Compressed Imaging

Deep Learning Techniques for Solving Inverse Problems

Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare Applications

Approximation Algorithms for Partially Colorable Graphs

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